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My waist bag at Peapod fabrics’ blog July 19, 2010

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Still remember my waist bag (sewing project #2)? I got the fabrics of my waist bag from Peapod Fabrics in SF. I showed this waist bag to Yoshko, the owner of Peapod Fabrics recently. I am so honored to have my bag photo mentioned in her Sew and Tell blog. Check out the link below!

As Yoshko mentioned in her blog, my waist bag can become individual shoulder pouches too. Check out the pictures below to see how the individual shoulder pouches look like!

Waist bag with 2 pockets 7Waist bag with 2 pockets 8

If you want to purchase any Japanese imported and vinatage fabrics, please visit Peapod Fabrics at:

Peapod Fabrics
1314 18th Avenue
San Francisco, CA 94122

Images by Viva!Living


Swedish Design – July 13, 2010

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I am a fan of Scandinavia design. I was at Stockholm, Sweden several years ago. After my trip, I started falling in love with Swedish design.

It is my honor to meet Tiffany, the owner of, in November 2009 at her first SF trunk show. is a shop and a blog. Her shop sells beautiful everyday items by independent Swedish designers. She features a new designer and offer their freshest, most interesting designs in limited editions every month.

Check out her website whenever you have time!

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Dine about Town Dinner @ Vicoletto

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Vicoletto is another Dine about Town restaurant that my hubby and I had dinner. Below is the list of food that we tried.


Mozzarella Burrata: voted best burrata in Italy, imported from the southern Italian region of Puglia. Served with cherry tomato and arugula salad. This is very yummy!!!
Mozzarella Burrata

Salumi: San Daniele prosciutto, sweet coppa, and Felino salame


Ravioli con aragosta: house made lobster ravioli, sautéed prawns and cherry tomato brandy cream sauce
Ravioli con aragosta

Tagliarini al nero di seppia: house made squid ink pasta, fresh Monterey squid, bay scallops, bread crumbs in a light cherry tomato white wine sauce
Tagliarini al nero di seppia


Raspberry panna cotta
Raspberry panna cotta

Soffiato al cioccolato: soufflé style chocolate cake with crème fraiche gelato
Soffiato al cioccolato

I enjoyed the food here, but the portion is a little bit small. If you are a light eater and love Italian food, give Vicoletto a try.

550 Green St
San Francisco, CA

Images by Viva!Living


Humphry Slocombe Ice Cream

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Hello friends,

I heard so many good things about this ice cream store – Humphry Slocombe Ice Cream. My hubby and I had a chance to try their interesting flavors recently. Below is the flavors that we tried.

1. Cole Porter (beer)
2. Blue Bottle Vietnamese Coffee
3. Thai Chili Lime
4. Miso Peach

We both love the Porter and Blue Bottle Vietnamese Coffee flavors.

Humphry Slocombe offers different interesting flavors every day. Some interesting flavors include foie gras, olive oil, peanut butter curry, boccalone prosciutto, … Try Humphry Slocombe Ice Cream if you love non-traditional ice cream flavors.

Humphry Slocombe Ice Cream
2790 Harrison Street,
San Francisco, CA 94110

Image by Viva!Living


Sewing Project #5 – Eyeglasses case July 12, 2010

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I just finished my sewing project #5 – Eyeglasses case. This will be a gift for my sister. She bought a pair of new sunglasses recently, but she doesn’t like the hard case that comes with her sunglasses. I volunteered to make an eyeglasses case for her. And here it is. Check it out!

Images by Viva!Living


Sewing Project #4 – Baby Kimono July 8, 2010

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I am so excited to show you my sewing project #4 – Baby Kimono (finish
product). Since this is 1st baby kimono that I sew, I am satisfied with my sewing skills & the look of the baby kimono. Of course, there are so much room for my sewing skills to improve.

Check out my 1st baby kimono!
Sewing Project #4 - Baby Kimono 1Sewing Project #4 - Baby Kimono 2

Images by Viva!Living


Sewing Project #4 – Baby Kimono Prototype July 7, 2010

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I am so happy to finish my 1st baby kimono prototype. I should be done with my 1st baby kimono (final product) soon. It will be a gift for my friend’s upcoming baby shower. Check out my baby kimono prototype for now! Will show you my final finish product soon.
Sewing Project #4 - Baby Kimono Prototype 1Sewing Project #4 - Baby Kimono Prototype 2

Images by Viva!Living