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My waist bag at Peapod fabrics’ blog July 19, 2010

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Still remember my waist bag (sewing project #2)? I got the fabrics of my waist bag from Peapod Fabrics in SF. I showed this waist bag to Yoshko, the owner of Peapod Fabrics recently. I am so honored to have my bag photo mentioned in her Sew and Tell blog. Check out the link below!

As Yoshko mentioned in her blog, my waist bag can become individual shoulder pouches too. Check out the pictures below to see how the individual shoulder pouches look like!

Waist bag with 2 pockets 7Waist bag with 2 pockets 8

If you want to purchase any Japanese imported and vinatage fabrics, please visit Peapod Fabrics at:

Peapod Fabrics
1314 18th Avenue
San Francisco, CA 94122

Images by Viva!Living


2 Responses to “My waist bag at Peapod fabrics’ blog”

  1. mui Says:

    Good job!
    Did she give you a big discount …hehe…?

    • vivaliving Says:

      Thanks! No, I did not get any discounts from Yoshko at Peapod fabrics. I truly love the fabrics sell at this store. If you are in SF, you should check out this shop.

      Hey, Yoshko at Peapod fabrics – if you have a chance to read this comment, you should consider giving me discount since I mentioned your shop at my blog. =)

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