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Sewing Project #3 (prototype) – Bib April 28, 2010

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Haha the prototype of my 3rd sewing project is here. It is a bib. Check it out! As you can see from the picture, I still need to improve on my sewing skills. I need to practice with at least a few more prototypes before I can sew some beautiful bibs to give out to my friends’ babies. Stay tuned!

Bib prototype

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If you know how to read Chinese, check out the lyrics of this hit song from Hong Kong by 陳奕迅 (Eason Chan) called 陀飛輪. This song is a very good reminder to me that “time flies.” How am I spending my time? Am I using my time wisely on people or things that are meaningful to me in my life? What are my pursuits in life? I hope we all learn the lesson from this song. Remember to treasure the time that you have in your life and use your time wisely on people or things that are meaningful to you. Don’t regret when you look back of your life and realize that you wasted your life/time on meaningless things.

作曲 : Vincent Chow
編曲 : Gary Tong
監製 : Alvin Leong

過去十八歲 沒戴錶 不過有時間
夠我 沒有後顧 野性貪玩

霎眼廿七歲 時日無多 方不敢偷惰
宏願縱未了 奮鬥總不太晚

望望身邊 應該有 已盡有
我的美酒 跑車 相機 金錶 也 講究
直到世間 個個也妒忌 仍不怎麼富有
用我尚有 換我沒有 其實已 用盡所擁有

曾付出 幾多心跳
來換取 一堆堆 的發票
人值得 命中減少幾秒 多買一隻錶
秒速 捉得緊了
為何用到盡了 至知哪樣緊要

勞力是 無止境
活著多好 不需要 靠物證
也不以高薪 高職 高級品 搏尊敬 wo~
就算搏到伯爵那地位 和蕭邦的雋永
賣了任性 日拼夜拼 忘掉了為甚麼高興

曾付出 幾多心跳
來換取 一堆堆 的發票
人值得 命中減少幾秒 多買一隻錶
秒速 捉得緊了
為何用到盡了 至知哪樣緊要

記住那 關於光陰的教訓
回頭走 天已暗
你獻出了十吋 時和分

還剩低 幾多心跳
連自己 亦都分析不了 得到多與少
也許 真的瘋了
那個倒影 多麼可笑
靈魂若變賣了 上鏈也沒心跳

銀或金 都不緊要
計劃了 照做了 得到了 時間卻太少 no~

還剩低 幾多心跳
還在數 趕不及了
昂貴是這刻 我覺悟了
在時計裏 看破一生 渺渺

Check out 陀飛輪 at You Tube


Passion makes my day

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Passion is my favorite tea from Tazo. I love to have a cup of Passion every morning when I start my day at my office. The smell and taste of passion fruit and mango inside the tea bag makes me feel happy and energetic. Try Passion and let me know whether you like it. I hope Passion makes your day too. ~ Viva!Living

Tazo Passion 1Tazo Passion 2

Images by Viva!Living


Spring is here! Looking for some activities to do? April 24, 2010

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If you are looking for some activities to do in San Francisco or the bay area, check out some suggestions that I have!

1) If you are interested in Architecture as me, check out San Francisco Architecture Walking Tour!

I am looking for someone to join this tour with me. If you have time during the date, and time mentioned below, please leave me a comment or email me so that we can do this together. =)

This is a two-hour walking tour includes introduction to some of San Francisco’s most famous downtown buildings, discover hard to find rooftop gardens, unique open spaces and historic landmarks…

This walking tour is the winner of the 2009 SFWEEKLY award for “Best Walking Tour of San Francisco”

When: Daily
Time: 11:00 a.m (Please note: Tour is approximately 2 Hours)
How much: $20 per ADULT, $10.00 per CHILDREN (8-11).
Please note:
Tours go out on Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday only if a minimum of 6 people are registered.

2) If you are interested in international movies as me, check out
the 53rd San Francisco International Film Festival

When: 4/22/10 to 5/6/10

3) If you are interested in Chinese Ink Painting as me, don’t miss out this wonderful exhibit at Cantor Art Center in Stanford University.

Exhibit: Works of Four Chinese Masters Premiere in America Tracing the Past, Drawing the Future: Master Ink Painters in 20th-Century China

When: February 17 – July 4, 2010

How much: Free

I will go to this Exhibit on May 2 or May 8. If you want to be my company, please leave me a comment or email me.

Enjoy your Spring everyone!

Best wishes from Viva!Living


Waist bag with 2 pockets – my 2nd sewing project April 19, 2010

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I just finished my 2nd sewing project. It is a waist bag with 2 pockets. Check it out!

1 sew project #22 sew project #23 sew project #24 sew project #25 sew project #26 sew project #2

Check out a blog posting about my waist bag at Peapod Fabrics’ blog!
Images by Viva!Living and magnifik


Fabrics for my sewing projects April 11, 2010

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Check out the fabrics that I got for my sewing projects!!

Peapod 1Peapod 2Peapod 3Peapod 4Peapod 5Peapod 6

Images from Viva!Living


Cloth coasters – my 1st sewing project April 10, 2010

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I am so excited to let you know that I am done with my 1st sewing project – cloth coasters. Check them out!

1 coaster2 coaster3 coaster4 coaster5 coaster6 coaster

Images from Viva!Living and magnifik