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Design from Stockholm, Copenhagen & Malmo October 19, 2010

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Dear friends –

As promised, I want to show you some of my favorite design from my trip to Stockholm, Copenhagen & Malmo. Check them out!

Enjoy from Viva!Living

Scanda Design 1Scanda Design 2Scanda Design 3Scanda Design 4Scanda Dsign 5Scanda Design 7Scanda Design 6Scanda Design 9Scanda Design 10Scanda Design 8Scanda design 11Scanda design 12Scanda design 13

Images from Viva!Living and magnifik


Coming up – my Scandinavia trip experience June 12, 2010

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I will share with you my Scandinavia trip experience soon. Stay tuned!

Stockholm, Malmo and Copenhagen

Image from Viva!Living


Hello my friends! March 31, 2010

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Hello my friends,

I am so sorry that I haven’t posted anything for a while. I was so busy recently with my work and my trip planning. After all the crazy things happening at work that make me a bit depressed, I started to plan for a trip. Planning a trip makes me feel better. It seems like I have something fun that I can look forward to. I am so excited about my upcoming trip to Scandinavia – Stockholm (this is my 2nd visit) and Copenhagen.

Why Stockholm and Copenhagen?

I went to Stockholm two years ago. I love that city a lot, expecially their textile arts and home decor related items. Stockholm composes of many islands (18?). Soderman, a disctrict in the city and close by Stockholm Archipelago are some of my favorite places to hang out. I enjoyed the leisure walk on some of the Stockholm Archipelago islands.

Most of you know that I love furniture design and home decor. Copenhagen, Denmark is a city famous of their furniture design. I have to visit there at least once in my life time.

One thing that I love the Scandinavian’s culture is that the people there are stylish, but they won’t spend too much on items to make them or their home looks good. Instead, they love to create things for themselves. Sewing is one thing that they love to do. After knowing some Scandinavians who are crafters or who love design, I start reading some books and planning some sewing projects. Please hold me accountable. Check on me later and make sure I start working on my sewing projects. If my projects are successful, you all might have a handmade Christmas gift from me.

Bye now! Viva! Living