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Hello my friends! March 31, 2010

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Hello my friends,

I am so sorry that I haven’t posted anything for a while. I was so busy recently with my work and my trip planning. After all the crazy things happening at work that make me a bit depressed, I started to plan for a trip. Planning a trip makes me feel better. It seems like I have something fun that I can look forward to. I am so excited about my upcoming trip to Scandinavia – Stockholm (this is my 2nd visit) and Copenhagen.

Why Stockholm and Copenhagen?

I went to Stockholm two years ago. I love that city a lot, expecially their textile arts and home decor related items. Stockholm composes of many islands (18?). Soderman, a disctrict in the city and close by Stockholm Archipelago are some of my favorite places to hang out. I enjoyed the leisure walk on some of the Stockholm Archipelago islands.

Most of you know that I love furniture design and home decor. Copenhagen, Denmark is a city famous of their furniture design. I have to visit there at least once in my life time.

One thing that I love the Scandinavian’s culture is that the people there are stylish, but they won’t spend too much on items to make them or their home looks good. Instead, they love to create things for themselves. Sewing is one thing that they love to do. After knowing some Scandinavians who are crafters or who love design, I start reading some books and planning some sewing projects. Please hold me accountable. Check on me later and make sure I start working on my sewing projects. If my projects are successful, you all might have a handmade Christmas gift from me.

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My favorite corner @ Home March 13, 2010

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My Favorite Corner @ Home

I love home decor and travel. I fill up a corner of my house with all the home decor items that I purchased when I traveled. Some of these items are from Sweden and Taiwan. Can you guess which items are from Sweden? from Taiwan?

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Sonoma In, Napa Out

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I love to visit the vineyards in the North Bay once in a while. Since Napa becomes more and more commercialized, I switch my destination to Sonoma. The cost of wine tasting in Sonoma (free to $10) is very reasonable compare to Napa ($10 to $20).

Besides wine tasting, having a brunch, a lunch or a dinner at Sonoma is very enjoyable too. The girl and the fig is my favorite restaurant in Sonoma. I wanted to have a brunch there recently. I arrived Sonoma at around 2 pm that day. Without reservation, I had to wait an hour for a table. Oh well, I decided to go somewhere else coz my group that I went with was hungry. Remember to make reservation if you want to go to The girl and the fig.

My group went ahead to another restaurant with good review – El Dorado Kitchen for branch. The food is not bad, but I don’t really like the ambiance in there. With a group of people, I love to eat brunch in a more crowded and more lively restaurants. This is just my preference. If you want to enjoy a romantic lunch with your honey, this place is a good choice.

El Dorado KitchenSpecialties TrioEgg BenedictWrap with french fries
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Beatles brings me joy March 3, 2010

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I love the early work of Beatles. Every time after I hear Beatles’ songs, I will feel happy and energize. I can’t explain why. These tile artwork have all four Beatles members on them. They are for sale in one of my favorites home furishing stores. I like these artwork a lot, but I wonder who has a big house to put these tile artwork. I know that I am not going to be the owner of this artwork, but I want to be able to look at them once in a while. I decided to take pictures of these tile artwork so that I can enjoy these artwork whenever I want to.

George HarrisonRingo Starr
John LennonPaul McCartney
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