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Kiss Seafood – another good Japanese restaurant in SF October 17, 2010

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As I mentioned in my old post Eiji serves very good Japanese food in SF, I love Japanese food.

Recently, I ate at Kiss Seafood in SF Japan town which I heard lots of good things about the dining experience there. Chef Omakase Special Dinner (with 5 plates) and Chef Special Sushi are the two items that I ordered. The portions are small, but good. Check out my food pictures!

Kiss 1Kiss 2Kiss 3Kiss 4Kiss 5Kiss 6Kiss 7Kiss 8Kiss 9Kiss 10

If you want a Japanese fine dining experience, give Kiss Seafood a try. Remember to make reservation. The restaurant only has 12 seats in total. If you don’t make reservation, I am sure you won’t be able to eat at Kiss Seafood.

Images from magnifik


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