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Scadinavia trip story #1 – Lagkagehuset on Stroget, Copenhagen June 16, 2010

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The first memory that come to my mind about my Scadinavia trip is the pastries that I got at a bakery place called Lagkagehuset in Copenhagen. I found out later that this bakery is a recently voted the best in the city.

Check out the wonderful pastries that I had at Lagkagehuset!
Lagkagehuset on Stroget, Copenhagen
Pastries @ Lagkagehuset on Stroget, Copenhagen (from Left to Right): Pandekage, Kartoffelkage, Jordbaerkage, Cupuccino
@ Lagkagehuset: Pandekage, Kartoffelkage, Jordbaerkage, Cupuccino

Images from Viva!Living and magnifik


6 Responses to “Scadinavia trip story #1 – Lagkagehuset on Stroget, Copenhagen”

  1. Nuje Says:

    Looks very yummy. Yes they have it. I bet, you just arrived Copenhagen by train when you take this photo. Lagkagehuset is very near to the train station.

    Enjoy your stay.

    • vivaliving Says:

      Yes, the pastries at Lagkagehuset are very yummy. If I have a chance to go to Copenhagen again, I will definitely go to Lagkagehuset for pastries again. Are you a local living in Copenhagen? Thanks for visiting my blog and leave me a comment! Have a great day! =)

  2. Nuje Says:

    I am just interested to visit the country one of this days if I got a chance. I have a long distance friend there in Copenhagen. So I am getting to learn more insights about Denmark.

    Your blog is simple but elegant and informative. I should be getting back here every now and then.

    By the way, are you not a local also in the country?

    • vivaliving Says:

      I am not living in Copenhagen, but I love Scandinavia (especially their design).

      Come visit my blog whenever you have time. I love talking to people in different parts of the world.

      • Nuje Says:

        Thanks a lot. Likewise, I love sharing thoughts to people that has different insights. It help us a lot to understand the different endeavors in life.

        Yes, Scandinavian countries has great contribution to architectural designs. As what I have known about Denmark designers, they’re renowned worldwide by their peculiar and unique design. One is the Sydney Opera House. I have heard lately, they also have this moving building design. I hope you could have the chance to post some facts here.

      • vivaliving Says:

        Hey Nuje – I will post some more design related articles with pictures later. Stay tuned!

        In the mean time, you can check out my blog entry called ”
        Scadinavia trip story #2 – Addition to my favorite corner.” I mentioned the nice design items that I got back from Stockholm and Copenhagen. Enjoy!

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