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Dine about town dinner @ E’Tutto Qua June 12, 2010

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I seldom eat out at Italian restaurants. The main reason is that pasta is often cooked at my household. What makes me decided to eat at E’Tutto Qua? The answer is that they offer “Squid ink pasta” which is something hard to cook at home.

The Dine about town dinner offers at E’Tutto Qua has lots of course choices. Below are the course choices that my hubby & I picked.

The first course(s) that we chose are “Capesante – Seared sea scallops with porcini mushrooms & truffle oil” and “Carpaccio di Polpo – Chilled slices of octopus with olives, capers, onions & lemon dressing”
The second course(s) that we chose are “Spaghetti Neri – Squid ink pasta with mixed seafood in a garlic, white wine sauce” and “Agnello alle Erbe -– Grilled lamb chops with fresh Italian herbs”
squid ink seafood pastalamb chops
The third course(s) that we chose are: “Tiramisù alla Banana – our new creamy banana tiramisù” and “Zabaglione con Fragole – Italian custard spooned over fresh strawberries”

I enjoyed the sea scallop and squid ink seafood pasta a lot. The lamb chop and banana nut tiramisu are pretty good too. Check out E’Tutto Qua if you are interested!

E’Tutto Qua
270 Columbus Avenue (Cross Street: Broadway)

Images from Viva!Living and magnifik


2 Responses to “Dine about town dinner @ E’Tutto Qua”

  1. worlddinner Says:

    All dishes looked lovely. Wish I were there to enjoy with you…

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