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Coming up – my Scandinavia trip experience June 12, 2010

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I will share with you my Scandinavia trip experience soon. Stay tuned!

Stockholm, Malmo and Copenhagen

Image from Viva!Living


8 Responses to “Coming up – my Scandinavia trip experience”

  1. worlddinner Says:

    Have you set off yet? If not, when is your trip?

  2. worlddinner Says:

    Wow, back already? Hope you took advantage of the low Euro! 😛 Look forward to seeing your trip photos.

    • vivaliving Says:

      Yes, I am back. I did not have the chance to take advantage of the low Euro. Too bad! Stockholm is using Swedish Kronor. Copenhagen is using Danish Kronor. Will send you some pictures later!

  3. worlddinner Says:

    In that case, I’ll take advantage of the low Euro for the both of us. Just decided to take a 2.5 weeks trip to go around Italy in early Aug. Very frustrated about everything end of last month, so need to take a break.

    • vivaliving Says:

      Hey gl – Going to Italy for 2.5 weeks? Good for you!
      Thanks for taking advantage of the low Euro for the both of us! I guess you must have a rough time last month end. You deserve to have a nice break. Enjoy your Italy trip! Remember – if you need to talk offline, I am always here! =)


      • worlddinner Says:

        Thanks for your support, VL! I thought I was going postal at the time. Fortunately, my new assistant is very good and trustworthy. I’m feeling a lot better now. I’m always here for you too! Will keep u posted about my trip. Big hug!!

      • vivaliving Says:

        Are you going to Italy soon? Yeah, keep me posted on your trip. I wish I can go with you. Too bad I don’t have too many vacation days left. =(

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