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Fabrics for my sewing projects April 11, 2010

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Check out the fabrics that I got for my sewing projects!!

Peapod 1Peapod 2Peapod 3Peapod 4Peapod 5Peapod 6

Images from Viva!Living


12 Responses to “Fabrics for my sewing projects”

  1. mui Says:

    nice! I love them.
    Can’t wait to see more of your projects.

  2. worlddinner Says:

    Hey, that black/silver piece on the upper right hand corner in the first photo looks like my curtain! Excellent choice.

  3. worlddinner Says:

    Viva: What model is your sewing machine? I’ve finally decided to buy one. Would like to get some suggestions.

  4. worlddinner Says:

    Viva: The Brother sewing machine is quite easy to use. Your machine has more functions than mine. Haven’t done much with my machine yet. Only shortened the legs of 1 pair of pants. Haha!

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