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Sonoma In, Napa Out March 13, 2010

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I love to visit the vineyards in the North Bay once in a while. Since Napa becomes more and more commercialized, I switch my destination to Sonoma. The cost of wine tasting in Sonoma (free to $10) is very reasonable compare to Napa ($10 to $20).

Besides wine tasting, having a brunch, a lunch or a dinner at Sonoma is very enjoyable too. The girl and the fig is my favorite restaurant in Sonoma. I wanted to have a brunch there recently. I arrived Sonoma at around 2 pm that day. Without reservation, I had to wait an hour for a table. Oh well, I decided to go somewhere else coz my group that I went with was hungry. Remember to make reservation if you want to go to The girl and the fig.

My group went ahead to another restaurant with good review – El Dorado Kitchen for branch. The food is not bad, but I don’t really like the ambiance in there. With a group of people, I love to eat brunch in a more crowded and more lively restaurants. This is just my preference. If you want to enjoy a romantic lunch with your honey, this place is a good choice.

El Dorado KitchenSpecialties TrioEgg BenedictWrap with french fries
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