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Eiji serves very good Japanese food in SF February 20, 2010

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I love Japanese food. Don’t ask me why. I cannot explain.

I heard so many good comments about Eiji in SF. I finally went there on a Friday night. Luckily, the place was not as crowded as people told me. Also, I reserved a table for four to prevent a long wait.

Selections from the “Today Specials” menu are excellent. We ordered total of eleven items (8 items from the “Today Specials” selections, 1 item from regular menu, and 2 items from Dessert menu) – 1) an order of mackerel with bittermelon, 2) an order of blackcod with miso, 3) a dish with blackcod cheeks, 4) a dish of the tuna belly steak, 5) an order of pork cube, 6) an order of yosenabe dinner set, 7) an order of uni sushi (2 pcs), 8 ) an order of the negri toro sushi (6 pcs), and 9) Sweet purple potatoes dessert. The uni sushi is the best I tasted in SF. I also ordered their house specialties – the homemade tofu and the strawberry mochi. They are the MUST HAVE items.

I enjoyed this meal a lot. Thank you Eiji! Check out my pictures if you are Japanese food lovers too!

Images from Viva!Living and Magnifik

Makerel with BittermelonBlackcod with misoBlackcod cheeksTuna Belly SteakPork Cubeyosenable dinner setUni sushiNegri Toro SushiHomemade tofustrawberry mochi


2 Responses to “Eiji serves very good Japanese food in SF”

  1. Gloria Li Says:

    Thanks for the recommendation. Dined at the restaurant over the weekend with friends and had a great experience. We ordered a combination of cooked items (tuna belly over salad, homemade tofu, dragon roll, monkfish liver, clams, and seaweed salad) and sashimi (yellow detail,tuna, white tuna, scallop, and spicy tuna). The sashimi is our favorite, really fresh and sweet. We finished our meal with the strawberry mocha, which I agree is a must have.

    The highlight for us is the scallop, which comes in four pieces and they cooked the scallop liver and served it on the shell. The cooked scallop liver is really sweet and yummy which surprised me since I didn’t know that scallop liver is edible.

    Will definitely go back there again. 🙂

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